The Listyning Room

The Listyning Room is dedicated to the concept of social listening and learning. A space that’s anchored in sharing the artistic, technical and societal histories of recorded music.


The Listyning Room provides an alternative to the self-isolation that current technologies have fostered. The art of listening, the art of learning, and the art of discussion in a relaxed group setting has never been more meaningful.


Insightful, curated programs and presentations offer a unique, comfortable, and participatory environment.   A full range of recorded musical discovery for all ages can flourish through significant audio experiences that individuals and other institutions cannot replicate.

If you are interested in joining us, and to help us determine the right size, location, and benefits, please fill in the form below.  There is no obligation and we will keep you informed as we make progress in bringing The Listyning Room to life!

an amazing place to hang out and share music, ideas, and conversation with like-minded people, away from the typical bar scene 

educational programs designed to teach people of all ages to appreciate the artisitc, cultural, and historic contributions of recorded music

access to the finest in audio equipment including high-end turntables, tube amplifiers, and speakers from some of the worlds best brands

curated library of vinyl and high resolution digital music, or bring your own music to share

food and beverage service with selections of world-class spirits, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, spotlighting local Kansas City brands

a culture and membership that supports and embraces the music!

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